Latest news concerning Covid19

Information about your stay at the Clipper Boardinghouses

Due to the renewed increase in corona cases in Germany, the federal and state governments have agreed on uniform measures to contain Covid19. As you probably do yourself, we have to adjust to the situation every day and are watching the news very carefully.  With the following information about the regulations we would like to make your travel planning easier and perhaps answer some of your questions in advance:

Touristic stays

By resolution of the Federal Government and the Länder, touristic hotel accommodation is prohibited throughout Germany, except during the holidays, until 14th of February 2021. If you have planned a touristic stay with us, we offer you a free cancellation or a rebooking. Please let us know which option you prefer.

Business Travel

Business trips are permitted. In case you planned to stay with us for business reason, we are looking forward to welcome you.

Employer’s confirmation (Hamburg)

self-employed confirmation (Hamburg)

Employer’s confirmation (Berlin)

self-employed confirmation (Berlin)

General regulations in Hamburg

Since 12 October 2020 a face mask, covering mouth and nose, has to be worn also in all public buildings as well als in some busy streets and squares. On its website the City of Hamburg informs about the current resolutions and valid regulations.

General regulations in Berlin

The city of Berlin informs on its website about the current rules and decisions concerning Covid19. In some busy streets and squares a face mask, covering mouth and nose, has to be worn.