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Information about your stay at the Clipper Boardinghouses

Currently the Corona case numbers are rising again. Therefor more and more German federal states are issuing bans on the accommodation of guests who have stayed in a risk area within the last 14 days. With the following information about the regulations in Hamburg and Berlin we would like to make your travel planning easier and perhaps answer some of your questions in advance:

Business Travel

Business trips are currently permitted in both Berlin and Hamburg, regardless of whether or not you have been in a risk area in the past two weeks. Please understand that we will ask you to proof the business background of your booking. As a proof you can use for example the exemption from cultural and tourism tax in Hamburg or the overnight tax in Berlin:

Employer’s confirmation (Hamburg)

self-employed confirmation (Hamburg)

Employer’s confirmation (Berlin)

self-employed confirmation (Berlin)

Touristic stays in Hamburg

Determination of Hamburg’s goverment

“Guests with a tourist purpose of stay must confirm in writing that they have not stayed in a risk area during the previous 14 days. Providing of overnight accommodation for tourist purposes to persons who have stayed in a risk area during the last two weeks is only permitted if a medical certificate is presented upon arrival, which confirms that there is no sign of an infection with Covid19. The medical certificate must be based on a molecular biological test and had to be not older than 48 hours. The time of determination of the test result is decisive for the start of this period. A result obtained in a specialist laboratory shall be considered a medical certificate. Text form is sufficient; digital or on paper”.

This means, you can also visit us for private stays, if you have not been in a risk area within the last 14 days or if you present a negative corona test on arrival.

Touristic stays in Berlin

Currently there are no restrictions for touristic stays in the city of Berlin. Please note, that Berlin itself is  classified as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute for the moment and find out what you have to consider after your departure.

General regulations in Hamburg

Since 12 October 2020 a face mask, covering mouth and nose, has to be worn also in all public buildings as well als in some busy streets and squares. On its website the City of Hamburg informs about the current resolutions and valid regulations.

General regulations in Hamburg

The city of Berlin informs on its website about the current rules and decisions concerning Covid19. In some busy streets and squares a face mask, covering mouth and nose, has to be worn.

Classification as risk area

Classification as a risk area is carried out by the Federal Ministry of Health together with the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior following a two-stage evaluation. Countries/regions in which there have been more than 50 newly infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days are considered a risk area. In addition, qualitative criteria are used to determine whether regions that nominally fall below the above-mentioned limit value are nevertheless at an increased risk of infection. In addition to the number of infections, the type of outbreak (local or nationwide), the available testing capacities, the number of tests carried out per inhabitant and the measures taken there to contain the incidence of infection (hygiene regulations, contact tracing, etc.) are also taken into account.

Please check independently shortly before your stay whether you have been in a risk area during the last 14 days. The following links might help you with it:

Information about Covid19 by the Robert-Koch-Institut

Travel information by the European Commission

Map of risk areas in Germany (only available in German)

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